Doujinshi is the term used for "amature" fan manga. Japanese fans draw and produce their own manga comics, often in groups known as "Circles". Much of this art is far from amature IMHO!! Below, I have a section of scans from my own (small) Final Fantasy IX Doujinshi collection, most of which focuses on... who else... Vivi! ^^

**TIP** For those not familiar with Japanese Manga, remember read from RIGHT to LEFT!

--} Fantasista {--

This is a collection of short skits dealing with Final Fantasy IX, and heavily revolving around Vivi. There were two different groups of artists involved in the making of this doujinshi-

~K-A-R (Nail Cut Club)
~Nodoka Kiyose (Frontier)

** I ask that in respect to the artist that you do not take these images and change them in any way for your own use. Do not use them without crediting the artist for their work. **