Laudo Name: Laudo
Age: 21
Race: Human
Theme: Feel My Blade*

Raised in the city of Lindblum to a poor family, and the oldest of six children, Laudo's life-long dream was to become a famous fantasy novelist. However, when it became apparent that he had an unearthly inborn strength and talent for swordsmanship, his father immediately sent him for training against his will in Alexandria at the age of 18. There, just by happenstance, his skill was recognized, and Laudo was recruited into the leagues of the Pluto Knights. Though a military life was strictly against his peaceful and rather cowardly nature, the salary he obtained was sent back home to help his family. Due to a sudden horrible loss and near-death experience during an attack on Lindblum, Laudo has become afflicted with a deadly phobia of Black Mages...

* MIDI resequenced by Aywren.