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Welcome to Mystik Haven, a Final Fantasy IX fansite that saw its last update in 2001. I held on to the files that created this website all these years, and decided I wanted to upload and restore it here on Neocities 20 years later! So here you are!



Sadly, I’ve learned that the 123 Guestbook service is closing shop in the next few months. I’ve went ahead and archived the guestbook as an HTML file, much like I did for the original old guestbook. You can find it on the Guestbook page.

I won’t be replacing the guestbook this time simply because free alternatives seem somewhat sketchy. But I do appreciate everyone who left comments in the past!



I've finished the long undertaking of recoding all of the fiction in the Library section! Lots of retro fic to be had there!

And this honestly concludes all of the updates needed to restore this site to where it was on its last update in 2001! I've made a few improvements to it - such as setting up a stylesheet and implementing java modals for the art gallery. But for the most part, I've left it as it was. 

That being said, I don't intend to make many changes to this site going forward as this was just a project to restore an old retro page to the Internet, not to create a page for future upkeep. However, if anyone does choose to join the Black Mage Society, I will be sending out badges for that! 

Thanks for stopping by! 



The entire Mystik Haven story section has been updated and is now live to view! I also created a new page for the Guestbook - you can view the original guestbook or sign the new one!



I finished re-coding and uploading all the pages for the Art Gallery! I also installed a javascript modal instead of using individual pages for each image - saved a lot of time and some webspace! There are many artists who contributed to this FFIX gallery back in the day, and I still appreciate all of their work!



Today I’ve finished updating all of the pages in the Doujinshi section. I only ever uploaded images from one book called “Fantasista” – you can see the credits to the artists involved in making the work on those pages.

I’m trying to remember back to those days, and don’t recall if I owned other doujinshi I just never scanned and uploaded. I might have, but I’m not sure where those books are now. If I run across them, I’ll see what I can do to add to this in the future!

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