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9:59am 12-25-2023
This page is wonderful
Even though I wasn’t around for this era of the web, it’s heartwarming to see peoples’ enthusiasm for a (great) game preserved so well. Thanks so much for saving and sharing this page! <3
Replied on: 12:46am 12-26-2023

Appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment! Glad you enjoyed this old site!

5:37am 10-13-2022
Wow, this site is a treasure! Love that you've decided to bring it back (and kept the files backed up all these years), so much of old internet has been lost. Some of the artists in the gallery are really skilled too, makes you wonder where they all are now
Replied on: 11:52am 10-13-2022

Thanks so much for spending the time to visit and look through my site- not to mention sign the guestbook! Folks like you are treasures, too. Glad you enjoyed the romp through old times!

6:38pm 12-04-2021
Just sailed on over here from Sygnus' link page. I'm always so glad to see more active Final Fantasy fansites, and I love that you've preserved so much cool stuff here! Wonderful work!
Replied on: 12:49am 05-22-2022

Thank you! I added a link to your site a while back - only just now saw you left this message here (sorry so late)!

8:19am 11-25-2021
(continued from the last, lol)

the Worlds Apart site? There's a lot of goodies in there, mostly stuff you can find on other sites, but there's also some gems like a full script of the game's cutscenes.

Replied on: 12:49am 05-22-2022

Thanks so much for this suggestion! I've added a link - it's an awesome resource!

8:16am 11-25-2021
whoa....a FF9 fansite around the game's release....what a treasure.

If I may, can I suggest adding a link to the FF9 section of
1:48pm 11-17-2021
Mystik Haven
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