Author's Intro Note:

This is your very last **SPOILER WARNING**!!

Okay. A quick note before you head into the story. I'll try to make it fast, but it's something I feel should be addressed.

Mystik Haven is a hypothetical story. It's basically my "What-if" follow up to the questions that arose in my head at the end of Final Fantasy IX.

There has been a slight debate on the complications surrounding the ending of the game. So far, I've heard a number of different viewpoints on exactly who it was narrating the ending scenes and what the phrases "Everyone… Thank you. Farewell. My memories will be part of the sky…" actually meant. Some say it was Garnet, but in actually looking at the original Japanese text, it was obviously Vivi just as he was facing his own death.

Click here for more details on this.

The following story presents my own views, and is written just for pure entertainment purposes. I know things that happen in this story may or may not be possible, and probably are far from happening. Though I attempt to keep the original characters as close to the game as possible, I also enjoy introducing new characters as well as fleshing out some NPCs for fun.

Based on all I've just said, please keep this in mind when reading. The ideas may not correspond with your own, and this is fine. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the game.

Also, you may find the train of thought patterns and ways of speech in this writing often bordering on a rather young and childlike voice. This is because this story follows a number of main characters that are quite young. In order to attempt to keep the characters realistic, the writing also had to reflect a rather simple-minded way of thought and emotion that was based upon the characters' young age.

With all that out of the way, enjoy!


~ Enter Prologue~